J. A. “JAY” Janson


Jay is a multilingual entrepreneurial and intrapreneurial B2B & B2C executive who seeks the most challenging senior level commercial positions within an aggressively expanding multinational firm. To be retained, the opportunity will leverage his business acumen, innate & acquired skills, and ability to expand knowledge & applications that drive successive increases in profits & market presence.

  1. “Jay is the most enthusiastic and energetic person I have ever managed. His upbeat personality is contagious with co-workers and clients alike. Jay could always be relied upon not only to accomplish the  mission, but also to add his expert insights to the strategy discussion. I highly recommend Jay.”

  2. - Director of Global Strategic Market Planning (Jay’s boss from ’96-’03)

With a unique multicultural background, Jay integrates nearly three decades of global sales and marketing, P&L management, business and product development, sustainability initiatives, strategic IT leadership, and employee training and development into a dynamic package that increases profits and will breathe new life into your business - whatever the industry and wherever the customers.


Welcome to the pathway to INNOVATIVE & sustainable growth !


Global Business

Alternative Energy

Sales Management

Strategy & Execution

Business Development

Sustainability Initiatives

IT Commercial Strategy

Marketing Management

Training & Development

Technology Deployment

Forest Products Utilization

New Product Development

Industrial Minerals Markets

Environmental Remediation

Global Travel (Biz & Personal)

Product Portfolio Management

Business Process Optimization


+1.610.306.1286 (m)

+1.610.993.9380 (r)


Chez Mainline ReDeux

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Berwyn, PA 19312

“Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not one bit simpler.”

- Albert Einstein, physicist